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ONZA Anvelopă Ibex XC 26x2.00 60TPI wire C3 RC65a

88,99 lei

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An IBEX is a fast, smooth and safe animal in the mountains. So is this tire. Thanks to the wide open profile, it makes no compromises on rough gravel and in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section to narrow and no roots too slippery for this all round tire.

Cross Country / Race
A1109200 26X2.00 570g 60TPI Wire C3 RC 65a 65a 50-559
A1109205 26X2.00 530g 60TPI Kevlar C3 RC2 65a/55a 50-559
A1109210 26X2.00 480g 120TPI Kevlar C3 120 RC2 65a/55a 50-559
onza_tech_casing_18_C3.gif, 270B
onza_tech_casing_18_C3_120.gif, 360B
onza_tech_rubber_18_RC_65a.gif, 408B
onza_tech_rubber_18_RC2.gif, 313B
Weights may vary in the range of +/- 8% due to the application of natural resources.

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