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ONZA Anvelopă Greina DH 26x2.40 60TPI wire FRC RC255a 65a/55a

115,00 lei

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Traction was the top priority when developing onza tires’ tread for wet and muddy conditions. Named after a high alpine plateau littered with numerous creeks and tarns, the GREINA’s wide open knobs find traction even in the worst mud without clogging.

A1110283 26X2.40 960g 60TPI wire FRC RC2 55a 65a/55a 60-559
A1110288 26X2.40 800g 60TPI kevlar FRC RC2 55a 65a/55a 60-559
A1110291 26X2.40 990g 40x40TPI DHC RC2 55a 65a/55a 60-559
A1110295 26X2.40 990g 40x40TPI DHC RC2 45a 55a/45a 60-559
onza_tech_casing_18_DHC.gif, 309B
onza_tech_casing_18_FRC.gif, 255B
onza_tech_rubber_18_RC2_55a.gif, 433B
onza_tech_rubber_18_RC245a.gif, 433B
Weights may vary in the range of +/- 8% due to the application of natural resources.

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