MILES RACING Rezerve saboți - 55mm - Shimano Dura Ace / SRAM / TRP - CARBON

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Rim type: carbon-rim

Brakeshoe lengh: 55 mm

Attachment: bolted

Colour: brown

Application: universal- / allround

Brake type compatibility: Shimano Dura Ace / Sram / TRP


"This compound mixture was specifically optimized for carbon rims. It offers a more stable braking platform to better modulate braking power. It’s specially formulated to work well in both Dry and Wet conditions. It’s also designed to limit temperature rises to ensure a long life for the carbon rim.

The extra wide grooves in the braking surface help channel dirt and moisture away from the pad surface. This increases the lifespan of the rim and the brake pads and provides better braking modulation."

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