VDO Kilometraj M5WL - D3 digital wireless - pulse-cadence ready

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VDO Kilometraj M5WL - D3 digital wireless - pulse-cadence ready

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Great functionality and compact design are the characteristic of the VDO M5. It is a radio-based cycling computer with all important bike features, such as average speed, ride time, total distance, time and temperature. Digital wireless transmission and automatic pairing of the M5 to enable interference-free transmission and simple handling.

The VDO M5 is due to D3 sensor with an optional cadence and/or heart rate transmitter expandable. If both heart rate and cadence sensor are enabled, they will shown simultaneously on the display. The optional heart rate function of the M5 displays the current, maximum and average heart rate as a percentage, as well as a graphic version. The optional cadence function extends the functionality of the M5 and displays current, maximum and average cadence.

The large, easy to read display and intuitive and simple menu structure, as well as the full text display make operating the VDO M5 very easy. Other practical features such as the integrated backlight, battery status indicator, sleep-modus and a permanent data storage (wheel size, ride time, total distance) top off the M5.

The VDO M5 works with a digital wireless transmission for the speed measurement, which is optionally expandable also for heart rate and cadence.

Bike functions:
  • current speed
  • ride time
  • average speed
  • current distance
  • maximum speed
  • part-time counter (manual stopwatch, counts only when driving)
  • part-time distance counter (counts distance in the part-time)
  • roadbook counter, 2nd trip counter, forward-/backward counting, adjustable
  • clock (12/24 hour mode with am/pm display)
  • total ride time for bike 1
  • total ride time for bike 2
  • total distance
  • total ride time bike 1
  • total ride time bike 2
  • total ride time
  • permanent comparison between average and actual speed (indicator arrows)

Heart rate functions with active heart rate option
  • current heart rate
  • average heart rate
  • maximal heart rate
  • calorie consumption
  • heart rate in % of personal HR max
  • training time at/in/on the selected training zone
  • heart rate zone graphics
  • total calorie consumption bike 1
  • total calorie consumption bike 2
  • total calorie consumption total

Cadence functions with activated cadence option
  • current cadence
  • average cadence
  • maximum cadence

Additional features:
  • D3 digital wireless transmission for speed, heart rate, cadence
  • automatic pairing
  • automatic bike recognition
  • full text display, languages selectable, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL
  • battery warning when low battery status for computer, speed-, heart rate-, cadence sensor
  • temperature display
  • display backlight
  • data storage during battery replacement
  • usable for 2 bikes, separate data memory for each bike
  • wheel sizes adjustable via wheel circumference or tire chart
  • display sleep mode after 5 minutes break
  • auto start/stop

Dimensions and performance:
  • device dimensions, B x H x T: 4,5 x 5,5 x 1,2 cm
  • Display size, B x H: 2,9 x 3,9 cm
  • weight: 30g
  • battery type: 3V, CR2032 (for computer and transmitter)
  • computer battery life: approx. 1 year (ca. 10.000km/6.000mi)
  • transmitter battery life: approx. 1,5 years (ca. 10.000km/6.000mi

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